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It is one of the functions of the "VRI-Verband der Reibbelagindustrie e.V." to take care of the application, the propagation and the development of the so called "Waren-Vertriebs-Artikel-Nummern-System (WVA-System)". The WVA-numbers are a reference and assignment system for brake linings, clutch facings and other friction materials which will especially be used in road vehicles but also in mechanical engineering. Taking the dimensionally determined parameters of the friction materials into account the system assigns the differently dimensioned linings to the respective areas of application and use and accordingly offers an excellent basis for the cooperation and for the exchange of information between manufacturers, distributors and customers. The use of the WVA-numbers in catalogues, leaflets, price-lists and customer information letters is propagating more and more. 

The WVA-System is the intellectual property of VRI. It may not be used without VRI's prior written permission. For the granting of licences we distinguish between two groups of licensees: The first group, exclusively commercial firms or institutions without own production, only requires the knowledge of already existing WVA-numbers and of their applications in order to inform their customers. On the other hand the second group, i.e. manufacturers of friction materials, furthermore needs be able to apply for new WVA-numbers for the introduction of new brake linings and clutch facings into the market, e.g. for new vehicle types. To become a licensee of the WVA-System the manufacturers of friction materials must meet certain quality requirements.

The access to the WVA-System is possible exclusively via Internet. Licensees of VRI can query all the relevant Information, the system allows a broad inquiry. Licensees also can download the drawings of the linings. But these drawings sometimes do not offer so detailed informations that you could design production tools on the basis of these drawings.

If you are interested in the WVA-System and if you plan to apply for a licence, please contact us and return your contact information by using our application form